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Dental Health Week 2021: Keep Your Smile for Life.

In the past, it was accepted that getting older meant losing some or all of your teeth to tooth decay or gum disease. Thanks to advances in dentistry and a wider understanding of oral health, this is no longer the case, .....
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Category: Oral Health

How Do I Stop Grinding My Teeth?.

Do you or someone in your family grind, clench or gnash your teeth? Involuntary teeth grinding at night or during the day is known as bruxism. This isn't always a serious concern, but if you are a frequent and forceful g.....
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Category: Oral Health, Sleep Health

Sugar and Your Teeth: How Much Is Too Much?.

Australians may be more health-conscious than ever, but tooth decay and gum disease are still major problems across different age groups. This is largely down to how much sugar we consume every day. We all know that suga.....
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Category: General Dentistry, Oral Health

Do You Need to Brush a Baby's Teeth?.

Should you start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as they have them, or is it okay to wait? Do baby teeth really need to be brushed, if they're going to fall out eventually anyway? New parents often have lots of questi.....
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Category: Children's Dentistry

How to Get the Best Results from Teeth Whitening.

If your teeth are yellow, stained or discoloured, you might be considering a teeth whitening treatment. These cosmetic treatments use chemicals that remove certain pigments from the teeth, leaving them naturally whiter. .....
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Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Health Week 2020: Beware of Hidden Sugars.

We all know that sugar's bad for our teeth and that we should watch what we eat and drink, but that can be easier said than done when so many sugars hide their identity behind scientific names and confusing measurements......
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Category: General Dentistry, Oral Health

What Does Tooth Sensitivity Mean?.

Do you feel pain or discomfort when you have hot or cold food and drink or when you brush and floss your teeth? Some people naturally have more sensitive teeth, but if eating, drinking and daily oral care are causing you.....
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Category: General Dentistry

Am I Too Young to Get Dentures?.

From injuries to extractions, tooth loss can affect people of all ages. If you have gaps in your smile from missing teeth, or if you need to replace all of your teeth, dentures could be an option to consider. If you asso.....
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Category: Restorative Dentistry

What Causes Tooth Decay and Erosion?.

When teeth are damaged or worn down, this can make them feel painful and sensitive. The more tooth enamel is lost, the more vulnerable a tooth will be to infections. If this isn't treated in time, it can sometimes lead .....
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Category: General Dentistry, Holistic Dentistry

What Does Toothache and Swelling Mean?.

Toothache can happen for many reasons and is sometimes benign, but toothache accompanied by swelling is more likely to indicate a serious problem. If you have pain and swelling in your mouth, it's important to see your d.....
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Category: Restorative Dentistry, Oral Health

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