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Children's Dentistry

A Guide to Protecting Your Baby's Teeth

looking after baby's teeth

When you have a baby you are generally bombarded with new information, many of which you had not even considered. One that often falls between the cracks is looking after your baby’s teeth. ... Continue reading

Tags:  Tooth Decay

Not Too Late To Access The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) Funds

The government had previously announced its intention to halt the nation-wide CDBS initiative to make way for the Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme, but it was reinstated when parliament did not pass legislation for the new scheme. Prior to the announcement to keep CDBS going, a tentative date of... Continue reading

Tags:  CDBS

4 Ways to Prevent Crooked Teeth in Children

preventing crooked teeth in children

Crooked teeth don't only affect a child's appearance. They can also affect their speech and make it harder for children to brush and floss, increasing their risk of oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease [1]i Genetics may have some influence on crooked teeth developing [2], so it&rsq... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

How to encourage good oral hygiene habits in children

encouraging healthy dental habits in children

Good habits start young. By caring for kids’ oral health at an early age, you can help instil habits that can last a lifetime. Proper oral hygiene for children isn’t too different from adults’ oral hygiene – it involves brushing teeth at least twice a day, flossing daily, cu... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Back to School: How to Keep Your Kids' Teeth Safe

keeping your child's teeth healthy

When your kids are at home, it's not too difficult to control what they eat and drink and make sure they take care of their teeth. But what about when they're not under your supervision? Fortunately, there are still ways that caring parents can continue to look after their children's oral health ev... Continue reading

Tags:  CDBS,  Healthy Diet,  Oral Health Tips

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