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When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?.

You should see a dentist any time you have unexplained tooth pain or other possible symptoms of a problem, but some conditions need more urgent care than others. Dental injuries and other problems that come on suddenly m.....
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10 New Year Dental Resolutions for a Healthier Smile.

If you're taking the opportunity of the new year to improve your health, don't forget about your teeth. Oral health can affect overall health, so taking better care of your teeth and gums is important for more than reduc.....
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What Can Invisalign® Fix?.

The Invisalign system is an alternative to traditional braces that uses clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth. These aligners are custom made and replaced every few weeks with a new set to slowly move your teeth .....
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What Are Bleeding Gums a Sign Of?.

Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, when you eat or at other times? Bleeding gums may only be temporary or they could be a warning sign of an underlying problem, such as gum disease or another health issue. If .....
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Do You Have to Remove Wisdom Teeth?.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in the mouth. They usually erupt in the four corners of the mouth from the late teens to early 20s, but not everyone gets them. While most wisdom teeth don't cause problems, others.....
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Dental Health Week 2021: Keep Your Smile for Life.

In the past, it was accepted that getting older meant losing some or all of your teeth to tooth decay or gum disease. Thanks to advances in dentistry and a wider understanding of oral health, this is no longer the case, .....
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Category: Oral Health

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants for Replacing Teeth.

Do you have gaps in your smile or teeth that need to be extracted? Dentists recommend filling gaps between teeth to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting position and avoid problems with eating and speech. One of t.....
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Category: Restorative Dentistry

What Is a Root Canal and Do I Need It?.

A root canal may be one of the most feared dental procedures, but it's nothing to be worried about. Your dentist may recommend root canal therapy if any of your teeth are badly damaged, decayed or infected. This can remo.....
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Category: General Dentistry

Are Veneers Safe for Your Teeth?.

The secret behind many celebrity smiles, dental veneers have become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments in Australia for people who want to change something about their teeth. Your dentist might suggest.....
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Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

How Do I Stop Grinding My Teeth?.

Do you or someone in your family grind, clench or gnash your teeth? Involuntary teeth grinding at night or during the day is known as bruxism. This isn't always a serious concern, but if you are a frequent and forceful g.....
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Category: Oral Health, Sleep Health

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