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Invisibly Make Straighter Teeth a Reality For You

Invisalign can create your new straighter smile, using no brackets, no bands and no wires. Straightening your smile invisibly. Invisalign involves an innovative method of straightening teeth using a series of clear, almost invisible, removable aligners, providing a clear alternative to wires and brackets.

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Is Invisalign Right for You?

  • Are you embarrassed by overlapping teeth or gaps between teeth?
  • Did you wear braces and now your teeth are getting crooked again?
  • Do you want a straighter smile?

Invisalign can make straighter teeth a reality for you using no brackets, no bands and no wires.

Invisalign: The discreet cosmetic option for straighter and more beautiful teeth

The quest for straighter and beautiful teeth continues for many adults who may have missed out on orthodontic treatment in their adolescent years, when their newly erupted permanent teeth were considered more malleable for the teeth straightening procedure. However, thanks to modern innovations like Invisalign, many adults are now able to realise their lifelong dreams of correcting their misaligned teeth.

If you wish to straighten out your crooked or gappy smile, Invisalign is the procedure designed for you. Using special clear plastic braces to move your teeth to their desired position, Invisalign is a system that caters to both teen and adult patients alike. One of the reasons it has built a strong adult patient following has to do with its invisible brackets, known as aligners.

Not only do the aligners afford a more discreet mode of treatment – being virtually unnoticeable in a patient’s mouth – they provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance throughout the entire treatment process. It is the ideal option for adults who do not wish for their teeth straightening procedure to hinder their social or professional lifestyle. That also explains its increasingly popularity amongst celebrities and public figures.

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What is Invisalign and what does treatment involve?

Invisalign is essentially a teeth-straightening system designed for patients with misaligned teeth, who prefer a more aesthetic and comfortable alternative to wearing traditional braces. The treatment is generally recommended for patients with overbites; underbites; crossbites; and unevenly spaced or crowded teeth.

Invisalign Procedures at Face Value Dental, Brisbane

  • The Invisalign procedure involves the placing of customised aligners over the patient’s teeth. Each aligner is designed to exert precise and minute forces over the teeth in order to move them to their desired position in specified incremental stages. The series of clear plastic aligners is used in a sequence by replacing a new one every two weeks.
  • The aligners are easy to remove and customised to fit. They do not interfere with you lifestyle and hygiene habits the way traditional braces do. While Invisalign has been widely acknowledged as an ideal option for mild to moderate alignment cases, it is also important to note that it may not be the best solution for every orthodontic problem.

What are some of Invisalign’s benefits?

If you’re interested in having straighter and beautiful teeth but wish to avoid wearing wires and braces, here are some of the compelling reasons for you to consider Invisalign:

Beautiful and Discreet

Worried about the social stigma of undergoing orthodontic treatment? You don’t have to be. One of the major selling points of Invisalign has to do with its cosmetically enhanced aligners. The invisible, clear plastic aligners make it virtually impossible for anyone to detect your “braces”. In fact, celebrities often use clear aligners to avoid public scrutiny of their dental problems with successful results.

With Invisalign braces, you’re free from such unwanted attention and being the subject of unsavoury nicknames. In addition to warding off stigmatic references like “Metal Mouth” and “Tin Grin”, they are, oddly enough, celebrated in fashion magazines as a snazzy treatment for the trendy class!

Invisalign provides a more comfortable and effective teeth straightening experience. Unlike traditional braces that can irritate the gum and oral tissues, the smooth and seamless contours of the aligners are designed for comfortable and constant wear throughout the day. Traditional braces sometimes require placing a protective layer of wax over the wire-type brace that add to the inconvenience and bulk of the apparatus. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are not only gentler on the mouth and lips they are slim and fit perfectly over the teeth.

Compared to traditional braces, the removable aligners do not interfere with the wearer’s lifestyle or hygiene habits. A major drawback of traditional braces is that food particles tend to get trapped beneath the wires and brackets and make it challenging for the wearer to clean their teeth with normal brushing or flossing. Invisalign aligners are designed in such a way that patients may remove the appliance for a couple of hours each day, and still retain their straightening efficacy. When the aligners are temporarily removed, they can be easily cleaned and maintained while the patient gets to brush and floss as he or she normally would.

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