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Replacement teeth, all on 4 Dental Implants - Brisbane

Treat your multiple tooth loss condition with an implant-supported solution that restores the bite and beauty to your smile. Fitting your replacement teeth, all on 4 implants it offers a permanent solution to traditional dentures that feels and looks like natural teeth.

The modern alternative for replacing most or all of your teeth

When it has become inevitable that you are unable to keep most, if not all, of your original teeth, there are several options that you may wish to consider. In the past, the dentist would prescribe dentures as an option of last resort. However, in many cases, traditional dentures provide limited success as a teeth replacement option. Not only do they tend to be ill-fitting and cumbersome as a removable device, their instability makes chewing food difficult.

The revolutionary implant system gives you the functionality and bite quality that you would expect from natural teeth. With this unique dental implant innovation, you no longer have to avoid certain types of food just because your denture cannot handle the chew or crunch.

The 4 implants make it possible for you to replace a full set of teeth with a simple, effective and reliable solution. It does away with lengthy and complex procedures for conventional implants. This advanced method uses specially designed dental implants that provide a strong anchor for your replacement teeth. It provides complete rehabilitation for your tooth loss condition with a fixed and fully customizable dental bridge. In short, having your replacement teeth, all on 4 implants can turn your toothless grin into the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted!

All on 4 dental implant treatment

Restore the beauty and function of natural teeth today. If you wish to find out more about how fitting your replacement teeth, all on 4 implants can effectively solve your tooth loss problem, contact our professional team on (07) 3221 0677 today!

How can we restore the function and beauty of my missing teeth?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for teeth replacement, offering unprecedented stability and durability. This modern technique involves the precise placement of titanium implants, anchored into the patient’s jawbone, to provide a solid “root-like” structural support for prosthetic teeth. As a result, dental implants are able to give you replacement teeth that feel and function just like natural teeth!

While dental implants represent a significant milestone in dentistry, they involve rather time-consuming and complex procedures (like bone grafting). The multiple treatment stages can take from up to 18 months to complete, depending on the number of implants required.

All on 4® builds on the strong principles of dental implants to give the same unprecedented stability and functional qualities. It also allows for an easier way to achieve those goals with less incisions, shortened healing times and no bone grafting. It uses progressive technology and dental care methods to deliver a revolutionary replacement solution for the treatment of advanced tooth loss conditions.

Unlike removable dentures that may slip off or feel wobbly on your gums, the implant-retained solution of All on 4® allows a teeth replacement solution that is truer to the form and function of natural teeth. That means you no longer have to avoid certain types of food that requires chewing or crunching. In fact, they look and feel like you were born with them!

Don’t let a periodontal disease or severe tooth loss condition rob you of the function and beauty of a permanent set of teeth. This is the teeth replacement alternative that you have been waiting for. If you wish to find out more about how we fit your replacement teeth all on 4 implants to effectively solve your tooth loss problem, contact our professional team on (07) 3221 0677 today!

How does it work?

This is a surgical technique that is recommended for people who have lost most, if not all of their teeth. Treatment involves the precise placement of titanium implants in the mouth that serve as anchors for a full dental bridge. In many cases, the bridge only needs to be supported by four dental implants.

Since the technique is able to provide the same structural support while requiring a lesser number of implants, it is able to drastically reduce overall treatment and recovery times. In fact, your dentist can install temporary provisional teeth on the same day of implant placement. Your provisional teeth will also look and function like natural teeth, allowing you to regain your bite quality and a beautiful set of teeth in a short period of time.

On 4 Dental implants cost

  Item No Fee
Surgical implant guide 679 $375
Maxillary or Mandibular denture - if required 711 or 712 $1,275
One Stage Insertion of Implants 688 x 4 $7,600
Fitting implant abutments 661 x 4 $3,000
Healing Period     usually 3 - 6 months    
Option A) Acrylic Prosthesis attached to implants 665 x 4 $3,000
Less Credit for Preliminary Assessment   ($319)
Total   $14,931
Option B) Acrylic Prosthesis on titanium or cobalt chrome frame 666 x 1 $7,000
Less Credit for Preliminary Assessment   ($319)
Total   $18,931

Prices are correct as at 01 November 2015. The above pricing serves as a guide only and is subject to change without prior notice. You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan and estimate following a preliminary assessment.

Full mouth restoration on 4 dental implants from $14,931*

Are you in need of a full mouth restoration? Then we can fit your replacement teeth, all on 4 implants. They are a reliable alternative to dentures that restore your natural smile.

Unlike removable dentures, these dental implants are permanently fixed to your gums, leaving you with a healthier, whiter smile for life. Full mouth rehabilitation includes:

  • Consultation
  • CBVT scan analysis & interpretation
  • Prosthesis with fixed frame
  • Dental implant fittings and insertions
  • Surgical implant guide
  • Complete denture and;
  • Treatment planning

*Terms and conditions: Expires on 1st October 2018. Treatment includes items #014, #026, #088, #679, #711 or #712, #688 (4), #661 (4) and #665 (4) or #666. Total cost for these dental implants varies, depending on a patient’s individual requirements and may range from $14931 to $25000. Prices are subject to change. Private health insurance benefits are subject to your level of cover, and your insurer’s fund rules and limitations on your policy. Discounts apply according to the rules of your fund. Health fund benefits may not be claimable for dental implant treatment. Waiting periods may apply. Where additional dental work is undertaken that is not a part of this dental implants procedure, a separate treatment plan will be created and an out of pocket cost may be incurred. Please check with your health fund provider for rebate information. These dental implants may not be suitable for all patients. Please contact Face Value Dental to discuss your suitability for the treatment. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries possible risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Dental Corporation ABN 92 124 730 874.


To afford you a peace of mind while backing up our claims of these implants are a stable and durable tooth replacement option, we are offering a choice of a 3- or 5-year warranty plan.

Option A     3 years from date of insertion

Option B     5 years from date of insertion

Patient Payment Plans

At Face Value Dental, we are always looking for the most accessible dental financing solution so that you can access required oral care if you cannot afford the services up front. That's why We have partnered with financing solutions SmileChoice!

For more information, contact our friendly team on (07) 3221 0677 now or click here to fill out an enquiry form!

FAQs on fitting your replacement teeth on 4 implants

  • What is the success rate of fitting replacement teeth all on 4 implants

    These dental implants have a greater than 98.0% success rate.1 As with any dental or medical procedure, success rates vary. That is why it is important to opt for a highly trained and experienced implant dentist.

  • What is the difference between these Implants and Removable Dentures?

    As opposed to removable dentures, this option gives patients a full set of permanent teeth that feel and function like your own natural teeth.

    Using a specialised technique, the implants are placed at a 45-degree angle, which increases the strength considerably. Unlike conventional implant procedures that involve a more extensive surgery and healing time, All implants require only four to six implants to provide a solid anchor for a full set of permanent prosthetic teeth.

    All implants are fixed and non-removable. Unlike dentures that rely on your existing teeth for anchor and suction (mostly to the roof of your mouth), All implants provide a rock solid structure upon which your prosthetic teeth are securely attached. In short, they do not feel wobbly, shift around or fall out.

    Removable dentures require changing your lifestyle in order to maintain them in good working order. Besides the soaking rituals, they need to be removed for cleaning every night and after meals. Conversely, you can treat your implanted teeth as you would your natural teeth, when it comes to brushing, flossing and caring for them.

    With implanted teeth, you won’t have to avoid certain types of food that are hard to chew or bite as you would with removable dentures. These implants allow the patient to bite down with a strong natural force. You get to eat all types of food that are good for you, hence promoting your overall health through nutritional balance and diet. Of course, you should still avoid using your implanted teeth to crush chunky blocks of ice or open bottle caps – things that you shouldn’t be doing with your natural teeth as well.

    Unlike dentures that constantly exert pressure on and rub against the gums, implanted teeth do not cause any pain, discomfort or inflammation. There’s no need to apply anaesthetic gels to counter the pain or discomfort and no added risk of denture slippage. You won’t have to worry about the appearance factor either. While dentures pushing against the lips from inside the mouth can make your smile and facial countenance look unnatural, These implants are biologically lodged into your jawbone so they blend in with your natural teeth seamlessly.

    These implants represent a smart long-term investment. Unlike dentures that need to be refitted every few years, especially when the patient experiences loss in bone volume, these implants can last decades – and even a lifetime – without need for replacement and restoration.

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