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Children's Dentistry

It is natural that a child may feel a little nervous or anxious when visiting a dentist. After all, the dental environment doesn’t say “fun” the way a playground or amusement park does. However it is not healthy for a child to attach distorted feelings of anxiety to a dental visit.

Such fears may be initiated by stories that they’ve heard from a peer or adult. They may even be brought on by negative experiences of past dental visits. At Face Value Dental, our experienced Brisbane dentists can help your child to develop a healthier perception of dentists and the dental environment.

As a family-focused practice, we understand how important it is for parents to have a peace of mind, when they leave their little ones in our care. We can relate to the fears that our young patients sometimes experience when they are not sure what to expect, especially their feelings of apprehension in a clinical environment. That is why we foster a child-friendly practice in which active and engaging communication is supported – all geared towards making your little ones feel safe and comfortable in our clinic.

We are proud to have a highly experienced team of dentists and staff who are equipped to handle young patients of all ages. Face Value Dental has the right knowledge, expertise and environment to provide a great dental head start for your little one. Let us help your child establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthier and beautiful smiles.

smile knowing that your children's dental health are safe and happy in our hands

Parents and Children Enjoy Peace of Mind

To make sure that your child maintains a strong and healthier set of teeth, it is not enough to practice proper oral care at home like brushing and flossing. Although important, these daily routines must be supported by periodic professional checks and cleans at a dental clinic.

Both you and your child can look forward to friendly yet professional care at Face Value Dental. For effective results, we recommend twice-yearly visits. Check out other benefits of using our children’s dental services below:

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