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Root Canal Treatment

The objective of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that has been severely damaged because of decay, disease or injury. It is preferred to save your own tooth, where this is possible, as it will generally be better than an artificial tooth. Your own tooth is likely to be stronger and better for biting and chewing.

It may be necessary to have several visits to the dentist to have the root canals cleaned and the infected pulp to be removed. After each visit, our Brisbane CBD dentists will place a temporary filling. A root treated tooth is at increased risk of fracture and your dentist will usually recommend the protection of an artificial crown.

Root canal treatment cost

Indicative Fee: $900-$1600

What is a Root Canal and what does treatment involve?

Each tooth may be divided into two parts, namely the crown and the root. The root of the tooth is the portion that lies below the gum line and where you would locate its nerves. The root’s surrounding tissue, known as the pulp, is what supplies the nourishment to the tooth to keep it healthy. When the root or the pulp gets infected leading to a root-level decay, it becomes necessary to remove them to prevent further damage to the tooth. Root canal refers to the procedure of removing the infected root and pulp of the tooth, cleaning out the inside of the tooth and sealing it for protection.

The main goal of the procedure is to minimise further damage to the infected or decayed tooth as a means of preserving it, hence avoiding extraction and permanent tooth loss.

Aren’t Root Canal Treatments painful?

For some people, the term “root canal” is associated with the feeling of intense pain. This has been wrongly interpreted to suggest the treatment procedure as the main contributor of the pangs. It doesn’t help the cause that root canals are performed on patients who have an irritated or inflamed nerve, which unfortunately in many cases, translates to excruciating pain for the sufferer.

In reality, the bulk of the pain that a root canal patient feels has more to do with the condition itself than the treatment. Root Canal treatments actually play a critical role in restoring health and function to a severely decayed tooth. The procedure is no more painful than any other dental treatments but in fact, helps to relieve the pain while preventing further – and permanent – destruction to the tooth.

At Face Value Dental, our dentists and staff take a comprehensive approach to the root canal treatment. By integrating modern techniques like pain-free dentistry into our treatment protocols, we are able to ensure safe and minimally invasive care for all our root canal patients.

How do I know if I need Root Canal Treatment?

One of the main causes of a root canal problem is that of a deep decay, which can lead to infections – in a worst-case scenario, death of the tooth. This calls for immediate dental attention and may involve the use of antibiotics to stem the infection.

A tooth may also be rendered vulnerable by a sustained blow or injury, in which case swelling and pain around the impacted region is usually present. Whatever the cause may be, always visit a dentist to evaluate the problem whenever a tooth starts to bother you.

There are many signs that may indicate the need for root canal therapy. While it is true that some patients exhibit little or no symptoms at all, there are tell-tale signs that may suggest problems lying in the deeper ends of your tooth.

Here are some of the signs that you may require a root canal:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Tooth becomes darkened or discoloured
  • Toothache due to biting, chewing or other forms of pressure on the tooth
  • Recurring abscess or pimples on the gums
  • Gum swelling

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact Face Value Dental at (07) 3221 0677.

Why must I go for a root canal treatment?

You may find going for a root canal treatment somewhat frightening. However, modern dentistry makes undergoing the highly common procedure a practically pain-free experience – almost like getting a regular filling done.

And while there are no good excuses for avoiding a root canal treatment, the consequences of delaying treatment may be dire.

The purpose of the root canal is to replace the infected pulp of the tooth with a latex material so that the patient gets to retain his or her original tooth. If not treated, the unremoved nerves and tissues can cause gum infections. You may also develop a painful abscess as the infection persists, resulting in more painful episodes and finally, the death of your tooth.

Instead of having to extract your natural tooth, the root canal is designed to save it. That means you will not have a gaping hole in your smile, and you avoid spending on expensive restorative work in the future. Not only that, you end up with a healthy tooth, with its original functions intact while keeping a totally natural appearance.

A root canal can last a lifetime. Modern dentistry makes this common procedure no more involved than any other dental treatment! For more information on how a root canal can save your tooth, call Face Value Dental at (07) 3221 0677.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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