Custom-fitted Mouthguards - Protect your Teeth from damage!

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

Mouthguards are an essential item for people playing sport and can save your teeth from damage. Professionally fitted mouthguards are prepared in a Dental Laboratory from impressions made by your dentist.

Why do I need a dental mouth guard?

It is estimated that almost half of all sporting injuries are dental-related. The injuries, usually sustained by collisions, include chipped or broken teeth, teeth concussion, avulsion (separation by pulling or tearing) and subluxation (fracture or partial dislocation).

Given the high incidence rate of dental injuries for contact and adrenalin sports, sporting enthusiasts should think about getting a custom-made mouth guard fitted just as they would consider investing in a helmet or shin guard. If nothing else, a simple mouth guard can save a trip to the dentist – besides avoiding potentially expensive and painful treatments.

Types of dental mouthguards

There are several types of dental mouth guards that vary in terms of cost and effectiveness:

Custom-made mouthguards

Although the more expensive option, these mouth guards conform exactly to your teeth structure and offer the best protection. They are moulded and fitted at the dentist’s office.

Mouth-formed mouthguards

Also known as “boil and bite” mouth guards, these types are immersed into boiling water and then placed in the athlete's mouth so that the device is shaped around the contours of the teeth.

Ready-made mouthguards

Available as over-the-counter (OTC) products, they are the least expensive option. However, dentists generally do not recommend them as they are also the least comfortable and effective.

Benefits of a custom-made mouth guard

Dental injuries caused by collisions often require significant repair. They potentially incur hefty financial and emotional costs, especially when surgery is involved. Many of these injuries can be avoided by wearing a custom-made dental mouth guard.

Custom-made mouthguards not only offer optimum protection to your teeth, cushioning against sudden impacts and collisions, they also allow you to speak and breathe clearly during sports games. These attributes make them the obvious choice when deciding on the best sports mouth guard that offers practical, competition-ready use while preventing injuries resulting from blows to the face, jawbone and head.

Custom mouth guards are moulded only after a dentist has evaluated and precisely measured your teeth structure. While providing the best protection to your teeth and gums, these appliances do not sacrifice your oxygen intake, which is critical for comfort and proper breathing. The wearer is also able to speak clearly without any discomfort. Both the OTC and “boil and bite” options do not conform as well to the teeth and mucosa, resulting in lack of adaptability. As such, they are unable to absorb and distribute the impact of the trauma, which defeats the purpose of wearing them in the first place.

Avoid dental sporting injuries by wearing a dental mouth guard. To learn more about our custom-made mouth guards, call (07) 3221 0677 to book an appointment today.

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