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About orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialist field in dentistry that focuses on straightening and aligning your teeth. It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment (both corrective and preventative) of dental or facial irregularities.
All orthodontic work is carried out by a dentist, not a specialist orthodontist. More complex orthodontic issues may be referred to a specialist orthodontist.
The treatment of crooked and overlapping teeth improves both the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Misaligned teeth affect how your teeth, jaw and mouth work together which impacts on your ability to chew and speak, detracting from the quality of your everyday life.

do i need orthodontic treatment

Is orthodontics right for you?

Orthodontics is suitable for patients of all ages, not just teenagers like commonly thought. You are never too old to benefit from correctly aligned teeth. There are now many different types of orthodontic treatment available to suit all ages including Invisalign, a modern technique that is practically invisible and can be removed while eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth.

Face Value Dental offer excellent orthodontic treatment and we are conveniently located in Brisbane's CBD. Speak to our professional team to arrange a consultation.

For more information on Invisalign please click here.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Although it takes no more than a tiny movement of facial muscles, some people find it difficult to smile. If you constantly hide your smile for fear of showing your crooked or misshapen teeth, then you would make a good candidate for orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics involves the placement of dental braces or aligners over a patient’s teeth to gradually move the teeth to their optimal position. The end goal is to give you a straighter and aesthetically pleasing smile.

The clinical objective of orthodontic treatment is the correction of a malocclusion – or what is generally known as a "bad bite". The straightening procedure helps not only to improve your bite – by correcting the way your teeth come together – but also enhance the appearance of your smile in relation to your overall facial aesthetics.

To better understand the benefits of the teeth straightening treatment, it is important to note the possible consequences of untreated malocclusions or misaligned bites.

Besides affecting the natural look of your smile, misaligned teeth can also:

  • Adversely impact speaking abilities – even creating a lisp
  • Increases the possibility of getting cracked or chipped tooth
  • Increases the likelihood of bacterial infections – the crevices between overlapping or unevenly spaced teeth can trap food particles and promote bacterial growth
  • Interfere with regular chewing and biting functions
  • Worsen existing dental ailments such as gum diseases, tooth decays or temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/ TMD)

Through constant exertion of minute forces on your teeth, traditional braces and modern dental aligners can over time move your teeth to their desired position. This deceptively simple but highly precise dental treatment presents a host of benefits.

The teeth straightening treatment can help to:

  • Correct bad bites or malocclusions
  • Fix dental crowding – teeth that are closely packed together
  • Improve appearance of smile in relation to overall facial aesthetics.
  • Close excessive dental gaps
  • Align dental arches.
  • Reduce possibility of tooth damage by external impact
  • Greatly improve teeth’s pre-conditions for advanced dental procedures such as implants, crowns and bridges.
  • Accommodate un-erupted, impacted and displaced teeth
  • Prevents drifting of teeth, especially for senior patients suffering from gum diseases.

The most appropriate age to start orthodontic treatment will vary case-by-case, as it is dependent on their particular problem. We would recommend that an initial assessment is made between 8-10 years old, so that any issues that need to be fixed can be completed at the appropriate time. Keeping your regular comprehensive check-ups, every six months, will enable your dentist to monitor movement and growth until an appropriate time for treatment. Read about orthodontics for children here.

The length of orthodontic treatment is dependent on your dental problem as well as the treatment plan. Your dentist will give you an estimated treatment length, but the treatment may be a little longer based on lifestyle and physical changes. The length is also impacted by how rigorously you stick to the clear instructions given to you by our dental team. This includes the correct wearing and maintenance of appliances.

Most patients will need to make some changes to their diets. In order to avoid damaging your braces, you should abstain from hard, chewy foods. We also recommend staying away from sugary foods and fizzy drinks. It’s important to stick to foods that will not damage your braces, as any breakage will increase your treatment time.

If you aren’t sure about the safety of a certain food, you can consult an orthodontic team about which types to avoid.

Your teeth will continue to move and shift throughout your lifetime, but most people will find that this process slows down in your 20’s. You may need to wear a retainer to properly care for your new aligned smile and your dentist or oral health therapist will provide you with clear maintenance instructions.

Invisalign isn’t the right treatment for everyone. Some people may require a more multifaceted treatment, or perhaps braces may be more effective in reaching ones ideal smile. The big and bulky braces are a thing of the past, with more discreet options available that suit your lifestyle. Our dentists will provide you with all the relevant information and help you to make an informed decision to achieve your desired smile.

Face Value Dental is your Gateway to a Straight and Beautiful Smile!

Combining years of experience and a wide range of expertise, our team of dental professionals aim to give you a healthier and aesthetically enhanced smile for life. They have honed their respective crafts serving many Australian communities in diverse fields covering general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Their varied range of skillsets and knowledge are highly prized at the modern dental workplace: CEREC restorations, crown and bridge, dental implants, root canal, veneers, wisdom teeth removal, teeth whitening, sleep dentistry… you name it, they’ve got the right experience, training and treatment options to deliver it!

Team dentistry is an important facet of our practice, and it can greatly benefit our orthodontic patients. In particular, the collaborative process between our orthodontic practitioners and cosmetic dentists allows a multi-pronged approach that has proven successful in achieving ideal cosmetic results for our patients.

Teamwork for better orthodontic results

At Face Value Dental, you can find a variety of cosmetic, restorative and orthodontic treatment options performed under one roof. When cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics are used in unison, the dentists are sufficiently equipped to design your smile to look and feel more natural.

When you straighten your teeth at Face Value Dental, our dental professionals are able to combine their respective expertise to offer you the most direct, cost-effective and minimally invasive options so that you always know what to expect – in order to achieve the exact results you want!

There are circumstances in which an orthodontic treatment may offer an alternative route to a cosmetic dental procedure, or vice versa. In many cases, an orthodontic treatment is required to correct bite issues prior to the placement of dental implants or porcelain crowns. Orthodontic treatments are also frequently used to set the stage for the dental veneers procedure – in order to simplify the veneers’ preparation process thereby reducing the need to remove healthy tooth surface. Working as a team, our dentists have better control over their respective treatment plans so that the procedures are lined up according to what is best for you, instead of what is simply more convenient.

Many patients prefer to have the flexibility of cosmetic or restorative options following their teeth straightening treatment. At Face Value Dental, the same team of professionals you have established trust and rapport with is able to see through your entire smile makeover – from beginning to end!

We also offer the modern teeth straightening option of Invisalign. This invisible plastic aligner option will give you a more aesthetic and discreet treatment without compromising on comfort, ease-of-use and straightening results.

For more information on our orthodontic treatments and options, call Face Value Dental at (07) 3221 0677.

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