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Sedation Dentistry Brisbane

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Are you afraid of the dentist?

Your treatment can be uncomfortable sometimes depending on the condition of your teeth, and the treatment that is required. If there are several cavities then unfortunately procedures like a scale and clean can be sensitive due to the vibration and cold water. Local anaesthetic is used routinely to prevent feeling discomfort.

Anxiety in the dental setting is something we come across frequently. We try to explain treatments and the process that we go through to avoid any surprises for our anxious patients. This often helps to mentally prepare them.

Dental professionals endeavour to be gentle. Dentists try to build trust in the relationship, which is important in overcoming fear.

We can ‘put you under’ if this is necessary for extensive treatments, such as wisdom teeth removal. This is usually done in a hospital setting with the aid of specialist anaesthetists.

Solutions to reduce anxiety about going to the dentist

Often people over 50 report a bad experience from their childhood that has unfortunately tainted their lifelong dental experiences. It is important to know that techniques and methods for dealing with patients and their problems (dental or other) have changed significantly in recent years. Most dental techniques and materials are now much less invasive, which is easier for patients and dentists to manage their treatment. All dental professionals are also required to undergo continuing professional development throughout their careers which enhance their skills and updates their knowledge constantly, making treatment as modern and effective as possible.

Dental anxiety and dental phobia are basically the same. It is natural to experience some degree of anxiety as we put you in a compromised position, laying on your back and we are positioned over your head. This usually passes quite quickly as soon as the appointment is over patients tend to relax a lot.

It is normal to feel embarrassed about the condition of your teeth if indeed there has been a lot of time between visits and there is an abundance of dental disease. This usually stems from admitting that they haven’t been looking after their teeth very well! However, it is important to know that we are never here to judge you on the look of your teeth, or your existing circumstances – we are here to help in any way we can to overcome that embarrassment. We will do that will thorough treatment planning and patient education to avoid it from happening in the future. A beautiful smile is what our team wants to achieve to help you be proud of your teeth again.

Sedation options at Face Value Dental

Aside from our extensive experience, expertise and high level of patient care, we also have specific services and treatments to calm any nerves our patients may be experiencing:

Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas is a popular form of sedation for patients, putting you into a calm, relaxed state and making the procedure easier for the dentist.

Like IV sedation, laughing gas makes you feel completely relaxed, yet still able to follow instructions from your dentist.

Sleep Dentistry

Ideal for anyone who is anxious about visiting the dentist or who requires substantial dental treatment. Sleep Dentistry uses a unique combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs given intravenously to create a dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the duration of your dental procedure.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

If you require more complex dental treatment, we even offer IV sedation as a form of sleep dentistry – an experience described as ‘dream-like’ that will leave you with no memory of the procedure. IV sedation involves a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs given intravenously. For general treatments and assessments, we also offer sedation with laughing gas.

Click here to view our IV sedation wait-list procedures. Should you have any questions, please contact our friendly team.

General Anaesthetic (GA) Sedation

This type of sedation method is useful for people who are undergoing difficult wisdom teeth extractions or those who have to undertake multiple dental procedures during a single appointment.

Click here to view our General Anaesthetic (GA) sedation wait-list procedures. Should you have any questions, please contact our friendly team.

Contact us on (07) 3221 0677 to book a consultation with one of our friendly dentists and see what sedation options are available to ease your anxiety.

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