No Drill Micro-Air Abrasion, $120 - $200 Per Restoration

No Drill Micro-Air Abrasion

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achieving teeth filling without drillDecay removed with Micro-Air abrasion

If the decay is detected early, we can then use the Micro-Air Abrasion System which utilises a precise stream of particles to remove only the decay from the tooth.

Because of the precision of this system, we are able to keep as much of your tooth material as possible without the need for drilling larger holes than necessary.

decay removed without drill instead with micro-air abrasionAs a result of this new technology, more of your own strong tooth material is left behind and less filling material is used, keeping your own teeth stronger for longer. This technology is only suited to small surface restorations, larger restorations will require the use of other techniques.

Indicative Fee: $120 – $200 per restoration

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What is dental air abrasion?

Micro Air abrasion in dentistry involves the use of a high-powered air tool to wear down and gently remove small decayed or infected particles of your tooth with aluminium oxide micro-fragments. This abrasive technique harnesses the power of pressurised air to remove built up tartar, debris, dips and newly decayed areas from your tooth.

Patients experience absolutely no pain with dental air abrasion as it is a minimally invasive technique that does not require anaesthetic of any kind. The dentist can accurately control the fine stream of particles aimed at the damaged part of the tooth. The decayed areas are gently worn down and removed by suction.

Benefits of Air Abrasion for Cavity Removal

Replaces the infamous drill. Dental air abrasion is completely non-invasive, meaning it does not in any way cause pain or trauma to the patient. Neither the pressurised air nor particles are strong enough to damage healthy tooth bits, yet are able to effectively remove the infected or decayed parts. That is a win-win technique for any patient who prefers a pain-free procedure.

No anaesthesia required. Another widely appreciated attribute of the pain-free air abrasion technique is that the patient has little need for anaesthesia. Following an air abrasion procedure, patients require little or no recovery time. In fact, they can almost immediately return to their normal routines. To make the procedure even safer and less invasive, the dentist would place a rubber dam around the gums to act as a protective layer from the abrasion particles. Patients will also wear protective goggles so as not to expose their eyes to any errant spray of the particles. Other than these, the procedure is completely painless and free from anaesthesia.

Preserves natural tooth. One of the central roles of a dentist is to preserve your natural teeth as far as is possible. The air abrasion technique is most lauded for its ability to preserve your natural tooth when removing the decayed parts.

Traditional drilling is most effective when dealing with large cavities or preparing the tooth for major restoration. In cases where the carious areas are relatively minor, the air abrasion technique can remove only the exact area that is affected, leaving healthy strong tooth behind. Thanks to this precision abrasion there is a more streamlined restoration site providing a sound base for the dentist to work with.

Non-invasive treatments like dental air abrasion promote the healthy preservation of your natural teeth. The more of your natural tooth structure left after caries removal the stronger your tooth will remain. This treatment is only applicable to certain situations and your dentist will always use it if relevant for the benefit of your teeth.

Saves money. Based on aforementioned attributes of the technique being less invasive for your natural teeth and not requiring anaesthetics, patients benefit from paying less for dental expenses both in the immediate and long-term.

Not too keen about the dental drill?

Face Value Dental offers you a much gentler and effective alternative using the latest air abrasion dentistry for cavity removal. Contact us at (07) 3221 067 for more information.

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