Benefits Of Wearing A Mouthguard For Contact Sports

7 Benefits Of Wearing A Mouthguard For Contact Sports

Footy season is here! Wearing a mouthguard is highly recommended for anyone who participates in contact sports or activities with a risk of dental injuries. Here are seven key benefits of wearing a mouthguard. 

1. Protection against Dental Injuries

Mouthguard's act as a protective barrier, cushioning the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth from direct impacts. They can help prevent injuries such as tooth fractures, dislodgement, or complete tooth loss, as well as injuries to the lips, cheeks and tongue.

2. Prevention of Jaw Injuries

Mouthguard's can also provide some level of protection against jaw injuries. They help absorb and distribute the
force of impacts, reducing the risk of jaw fractures, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injuries and related complications.

3. Protection against Soft Tissue Injuries

Mouthguard's not only shield the teeth but also provide a cushioning effect for the soft tissues inside the mouth. They help prevent lacerations, cuts and bruising of the lips, cheeks and tongue during contact sports.

4. Reduced Risk of Concussions

Studies suggest that wearing a properly fitted mouthguard can potentially help reduce the risk of concussions. The cushioning effect provided by the mouthguard may help absorb and dissipate some of the forces transmitted to the head, decreasing the likelihood and severity of concussive impacts.

5. Enhanced Performance and Confidence

Wearing a mouthguard can enhance an athlete's performance and confidence. It allows individuals to focus on their game without worrying about potential dental injuries. By providing a sense of security, a mouthguard can contribute to improved concentration, performance and overall mental well-being.

6. Cost Savings

Dental injuries resulting from sports-related incidents can be expensive to treat. By investing in a mouthguard, athletes can significantly reduce the risk of costly dental procedures, including emergency dental visits, restorative treatments and potentially costly tooth replacements.

7. Preservation of Dental Aesthetics

Dental injuries can impact not only oral health but also the appearance of the smile. Wearing a mouthguard helps protect the teeth from damage, preserving their natural aesthetics and avoiding the need for cosmetic dental treatments to restore the appearance of damaged teeth.

Ready for the season?

It's important to note that not all mouthguards are created equal. Custom-fitted mouthguards, created by dental professionals, offer the highest level of protection, comfort and fit. They are designed to specifically match an individual's unique dental anatomy, providing optimal protection during contact sports.

Remember, wearing a mouthguard is a proactive step towards safeguarding your oral health and overall well-being when participating in contact sports. Talk to Face Value Dental about custom-fitted mouthguards, we are located in Brisbane's CBD, book an appointment with any of our clinicians, you can call us on (07) 3221 0677, or click here and fill in a form. 

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