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Oral Health

Why do we need fluoride

Why do we need fluoride

Fluoride is an important component in dental health - so much so that it had been nicknamed 'nature's cavity fighter'. But what is fluoride exactly, why is it so beneficial for our teeth, and how can you ensure you're getting enough fluoride for your oral health? What is fluoride? Fluoride is a na... Continue reading

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The best food you can eat for a healthy smile

Maintaining a balanced diet for healthy oral routine

Let’s be honest. People are generally not fond of visiting the dentist. Unless it’s for a cosmetic treatment to enhance your pearly whites, I don’t know anyone who looks forward to a general oral care treatment like getting an extraction or a cavity filled. If you would like to spe... Continue reading

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2017: A Fresh Chance for your Healthiest Year Yet

Face Value Dental Blog - a fresh chance for your healthiest year yet

You probably already know that eating lots of sugary foods, not brushing your teeth and avoiding your dentist can result in cavities and other dental issues. But did you know that poor dental health can also have an effect on the rest of your body? Did you know that gum disease can affect your gene... Continue reading

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Oral cancer: what you need to know

what you should know about oral cancer

Keeping up with your regular dental appointments isn't only important for looking after your teeth and gums. Your dentist will also look for warning signs of other problems that could be affecting your oral health, including oral cancer. More than 900 people are diagnosed with oral cancer in Austra... Continue reading

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Top 5 Benefits of Flossing Teeth

When it comes to home oral health habits, many people regard flossing as an optional addition to brushing. While it is an addition to brushing – as in both cleaning methods are complementary – it is not exactly optional. On the contrary, most dentists would recommend that you floss daily... Continue reading

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All Things Sugar – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sweet, addictive and energy fuelling – we all crave sugar at some point of the week. It’s hard to avoid sugar all together but here’s which ones to pick when you want to cave in for a sweet treat. The Good Stevia: Although it’s not classified as a ‘real’ sugar... Continue reading

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Alcohol vs. Dental Health

Excessive consumption of alcohol has many side effects. One of the more less known impacts of alcohol is its negative effects on a person’s oral health. Indeed, alcohol abuse can take a toll on the oral cavity and its workings, and in many cases, lead to dental ailments and diseases within the... Continue reading

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Breathing – Are You Doing It Right?

why you should care about the way you breathe

Breathing is about the most natural thing we do. Because we do it so automatically, most of us do not realise that there is actually a recommended way to breathe – through the nose, with the mouth closed. Mouth breathing may seem perfectly natural but if done habitually, can lead to many healt... Continue reading

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Top 8 Mistakes Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Common dental habits that lead to dental problems

Your teeth may look and feel tough – in many ways, they are – but they are not indestructible. You shouldn’t, for example, use them to crush ice or open bottle caps. Similarly, you cannot simply neglect them and expect maintenance-free dental health and beauty. Here are 8 more hab... Continue reading

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Home Remedies for Toothaches

Family smiles after creating home remedies for toothaches.

Toothaches occur when the nerves inside the tooth are exposed or irritated, causing mild to severe pain. There are many causes for toothaches, the most common of which are cavities, gum disease and infections. They can also occur due to loose fillings, jaw joint disorders or a cracked tooth. When... Continue reading

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