Why you Should Think Twice About your Dental Holiday

Why you Should Think Twice About your Dental Holiday!

Many people regard dental holidays as a way to “kill two birds with one stone”. The popular consensus is that you get the dental procedure you need at a cheaper rate – compared to getting the treatment done in Australia – plus a “free” vacation on top of it. Yet with most things in life, when something sounds too good to be true, it often isn’t.

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If you have been toying with the idea of getting new dental implants or a smile makeover overseas, here are some pretty compelling reasons why it may not be worth your time and money:

Communication Problems between You and the Foreign Dentist

The dentist-patient communication is one of the most important criteria that underpin the smooth delivery of treatment and its successful outcomes. Unfortunately, that can be compromised when you visit an overseas dental clinic.

It would be highly unlikely for the overseas dentist to be fluent in English, considering that it isn’t commonly spoken in the most popular dental tourism destinations. On the other hand, Australian dental professionals – including dentists, dental nurses and staff – can better understand and communicate with Australian patients. This can significantly minimise any problems or errors that arise out of miscommunication. The costs of solving such problems can easily exceed any perceived initial savings. To the patient, the errors may even result in irreversible or traumatic consequences.

Dental Aftercare During Treatment (and during your holiday)

Proper dental aftercare is extremely important following complex treatments like dental implants. While most dental tourism brochures talk up the fun aspects of the “dental vacation”, they often forget to mention the reality of a patient having to recover after the procedure. With post-treatment recovery times varying widely for different treatments and patients, how do you allocate a recovery period that is sufficient for each individual patient? This important consideration is naturally left out of the equation when the tour itinerary is being mapped out.

Complications Arising with Treatment – Potential Clash with Holiday and Plans

As with any dental or medical treatment, there are risks of complications. Of course, such risks can be significantly minimised by choosing a dentist with the proper qualifications, training, skills and knowledge. One of the main advantages visiting an Australian-based dentist is that they are being held to high national standards, while also assessed regularly to maintain their license to practice. That may not be the case with overseas dentists.

In the event of post-treatment complications while overseas, having your holiday plans derailed may not be the worst-case scenario. The bigger question is whether you would have enough time to rectify the issue or be forced to return with an incomplete treatment.

Follow-up Care

This is one of the least discussed yet imperative issues concerning dental tourism. When you buy an overseas product that does not carry an Australian warranty, you are assuming certain risks with regards to future maintenance or breakdowns. The risks are more pronounced when it comes to dental treatments.

Unlike buying a product, a dental treatment rarely involves a one-time transaction. In fact, many dental treatments require lifelong follow-up care. Who should be the one accountable for the follow-up care? Will you be returning to the country for bi-annual or yearly follow-up sessions?

These are questions that need to be answered before you sign up for the dental trip.

Before committing to any overseas treatment, you may wish to consult an Australian dentist to understand more about your situation and available treatment options. Contact Face Value Dental on (07 3221 0677 visit http://www.facevaluedental.com/Contact-Us.html to leave an enquiry.

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