The Importance of Wearing A Mouth Guard when Playing Sport

The Importance of Wearing A Sports Mouth Guard

Dental injuries are common on the sports ground for adults and children alike. To help protect your mouth or your child’s mouth against impact, it’s important to consider purchasing a custom-fitted sports mouthguard. Nowadays, many health insurance providers offer no-gap sports mouthguards for kids too – making it more affordable to access.

A sports mouthguard is an oral appliance made of soft plastic used to protect your teeth and gums from sustaining injuries. Over-the-counter mouthguards can be purchased at sports-retail outlets and pharmacies, however they differ from a mouthguard that’s been custom-fitted by a dentist.

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There are different types of mouthguards that vary in terms of cost and effectiveness:

Stock mouthguards: Available as over-the-counter (OTC) products, provide the least protection and comfort – although generally also the least expensive option.

“Boil and Bite” mouthguards: As the name suggests, the mouthguard is immersed in boiling water before being placing in the mouth and moulded to your bite. This will help to form the shape of the device around the contours of the teeth.

Custom-made mouthguards: Moulded and fitted in the dentist’s chair, this type of mouthguard requires the dentist to take an impression of your teeth so that the mouthguard may be fabricated according to your exact teeth and mouth measurements.

A customised mouthguard fits better, provides the most comfort and holds teeth firmly in position to render close-fitted protection. Although the more costly option, they offer the best possible protection.

Benefits Of Mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouth guards that are moulded and fitted at the dentist’s are designed with the patient’s optimal protection and comfort in mind. They allow you to speak and breathe clearly during activity. You can even vary the thickness of the material to improve wear compliance and choose from an assortment of colours.

Over-the-counter mouthguards can fail to absorb and distribute impact from injury due to poor fitting.

A mouthguard is a smart investment for anyone who plays high impact sports. Sporting dental injuries are more common than you think, potentially incurring substantial financial costs – particularly when surgery is involved. Mouthguards can help to significantly cushion your teeth against sudden impact, which otherwise can result in knocked-out teeth, mouth lacerations and other facial injuries.

Mouthguards are worn for long periods at a time, so it’s important to make sure that they fit correctly and are rinsed with water after use to prolong their product life. Investing in a fitted mouthguard now can help protect you or a loved one from potentially expensive and painful dental treatment.

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