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Detox Tips For The Coming Winter

Our daily routines are affected by the changing seasons. This is perhaps more acutely felt during winter, when our bodies and minds start straying off into sub-conscious forms of hibernation. It is true that Winter finds most people staying indoors more often, exercising less and eating more – not to mention craving for warm comfort foods.

As the weather turns colder in the coming months, we’d like to share with readers some detox tips and advice that can help boost the body’s resilience to common ailments associated with the season – while keeping those winter tendencies in check.

Lady drinks a cup of tea to keep warm during the winter season.

Drink More Fluids

Although a heated room or car can keep you warm during Winter, the constant emission of hot, dry air is also lowering your hydration levels. Couple that with the fact that most people drink less water due to avoidance of cold tap water and it’s not hard to see why dehydration becomes a problem in Winter.

Drinking plenty of warm water can keep your bodies well hydrated during Winter without the fear of catching a cold. To make your warm water more palatable, drop in a wedge of lime or add a green tea bag. You can also try clear vegetable soups. Not only do they incorporate water in the meals, soups make you feel fuller than a plate of vegetables eaten with a glass of water.1

Dental notes:

  • Do not go overboard with the tea drinking as the beverage contains tannins that can stain your teeth. Brushing your teeth about 30 minutes after drinking coffee or tea is a good way to maintain bright and healthy teeth.
  • For those with sensitive teeth, drinking hot beverages can exacerbate the sensitivity and cause pain. If the pain is intense, you may see a dentist to check whether there are underlying concerns.

Eat Clean, Natural And Healthy Foods

Couple drink a warm beverage together to keep warm during the winter.To help clear your body of toxins, no detox plan is complete without including a nourishing diet for the entire body.

Eating healthy, clean and natural foods not only helps with your digestion and the detoxification process, it also helps you to lose weight without having to feel hungry all the time. To reboot your health, you’ll need to eat organic. After all, the goal is to flush out toxins – which include all the food and environmental chemicals – not add to them!

Foods to eat: Fish, eggs, seeds, legumes, wholegrains, vegetables, raw nuts (rich in antioxidants), fruits (few pieces a day), herbal tea and water.

Foods to avoid: Sugary foods and snacks, red meat, alcohol, coffee and chicken.

Dental notes:

  • The Winter season may present opportunities for indulging in rich sugary foods like donuts, coffee, hot chocolate and marshmallows. Foods with high sugar content greatly increase your risk of tooth decay. If you really have to, eat in moderation but don’t forget to brush your teeth half an hour afterwards.

Stay Active

Resist the temptation to stay indoors or hide under warm blankets this Winter. Exercise is major component of any detoxification program. Exercise increases your heart and breathing rate, helping your body to flush out the toxins more effectively.

To get the body moving and heart pumping, try some low-intensity aerobic exercises. If you’re still able to breathe evenly and carry on a conversation during the workout, it’s considered a good gentle pace.3 Running, cycling, snowboarding, skiing, indoor swimming and dancing are other popular Winter activities that are great for detoxifying.

Dental notes:

  • When taking part in a sporting activity, particularly those that involve body contact or wearing of protective gear (i.e. Knee guards, helmets, etc), you might want to buy a custom-fitted sports mouthguard to protect your teeth from accidental injury.

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