Are Dentures Comfortable? Review of Partial and Full Dentures

How Comfortable Are Today's Dentures?

Are dentures comfortable? We break down partial and full dentures and their modern features

Reviewing the Comfort and Convenience

Having a complete set of bright and well-aligned teeth can give you a beautiful smile. When a person loses his or her teeth to disease, injury, accidents or age, the gaps in the smile are usually enough reasons to warrant a dental solution. Of course, the reasons for treating missing teeth goes beyond aesthetic reasons and extends into the realms of health, such as personal well-being and simply feeling good about oneself.

One of the major treatments for dealing with missing teeth has always been dentures. Known by its less flattering name ‘false teeth’, there is a certain stigma that has unfairly dogged the use of dentures. This is mainly because old dentures are known to be wobbly, ill-fitting and artificial looking. However, thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, today’s dentures no longer conjure images of fake-looking choppers.

Made from high-quality materials that can mimic the shade and translucency of real teeth enamel, modern dentures offer a much more superior option to their predecessors. Not only that, modern dentures can also be customised to precisely fit your individual mouth and teeth structure. Besides enhancing the natural appearance of your smile, a well-fitted denture will significantly reduce the likelihood of the denture slipping and sliding in your mouth, causing discomfort and potential embarrassment – if they move or fall off in front of others.

Dentures are generally available in two types: Complete or Partial. Complete or Full Dentures are recommended to those who are missing full sets of teeth – including upper or lower arch, or both. Partial Dentures are recommended for patients who have lost one or more teeth.

features of full and partial dentures

Features of Complete/Full Dentures

Complete dentures are typically applied following the removal of all of the patient's teeth. Complete dentures include a full set of teeth that are arrayed on an acrylic gum-like structure, which adheres to the patient’s natural gums through suction.

The different types of complete dentures include Conventional, Immediate and Implant-retained. Conventional Dentures which are applied after the teeth are extracted and the gums are allowed to heal – takes around 8-12 weeks. Prior to the fitting of the Conventional Dentures and the interim healing period, the dentist would normally place a pre-fabricated Immediate Denture over the gums to protect the area while the patient waits for the Full Denture to be made at a dental lab.

Since there is nothing for the Conventional Denture to latch onto, this type of appliance generally has more retentive issues as compared to an implant-retained denture. The latter is held in place by strategic placement of dental implants that are embedded into the patient’s jaw, providing greater stability and strength. The increased stability also means optimum comfort and functionality of the new prosthetic teeth. Go to our webpage Dentures Brisbane CBD for further reading on Full Dentures.

Features of Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are more stable than Conventional Full Dentures as they can be anchored via special clasps – with the remaining teeth. Unlike Full Dentures, Partial Dentures do not require the extraction of all the patient's teeth.

Partial dentures are essentially composed of dental bridges where the replacement teeth are attached to a gum-coloured base connected by wired frames.

Partial dentures can either be removable or permanent. In the former, the bridge either snaps into the base or the wired framework. In the case of a fixed partial, the base of the bridge is cemented into position. Read more about Partial Dentures here.

Whether you are considering Full or Partial Dentures, the modern devices offered by today’s dentists are far more superior in terms of comfort, durability, fit, strength and aesthetics. In short, there is no reason to be stigmatized by perceived limitations that no longer exist.

Average Cost Of Dentures

At Face Value Dental, we offer a range of prosthetic dentures suited to each individual. If you’re interested in finding a personalised solution with our Brisbane CBD dentist, contact us on (07 3221 0677 or visit our webpage on Dentures Cost for more information, including details on cost and services.

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