Can Adults Wear Braces? Here are Some Compelling Reasons

Can Adults Wear Braces Too?

As an adult, making a decision to wear braces can be rather intimidating.

Braces are often associated with adolescents although adult braces are becoming more commonplace, with the advent of “invisible brace” technology from the likes of Invisalign® and Clear Correct.

Whether it is to correct the alignment of their teeth or retreat previous orthodontic work, many patients are beginning to discover that it's possible to achieve straighter, healthier teeth through adult orthodontic treatment.

Can adults wear braces too?

In the past, you had only one option when it came to orthodontics, which involved wearing traditional metal braces that many adult patients tend to avoid. Wearing traditional braces (comprising dark-coloured wires and brackets) on one’s teeth are not always desirable, particularly for those who are socially active or need to present well in professional settings.

Thankfully, modern alternatives to metal braces have become available in recent decades. From lingual and ceramic braces to clear fixed and Damon braces, adult patients have more options than ever with which to straighten their pearlies.

For minor teeth and jaw alignment needs, invisible or clear braces, like Invisalign® , are among the most popular. That’s because they are virtually undetectable when worn over the teeth, even when viewed in close proximity. Made from transparent plastic, the brace (or aligner, as they are better known) fits very tightly over the teeth sans wires or any other visible material.

Adults should seek orthodontics as it can help with major dental issuesHow Does It Work?

The Invisalign® aligners come in a set – the number of aligners prescribed depends on the condition of the patient’s teeth and the type of straightening treatment recommended by the dentist. Patients are advised to replace each aligner with a different one in the set every two weeks or so. The aligners are removable which makes it much easier to clean and perform routine oral hygiene activities like brushing and flossing.

Adult patients tend to require longer treatment times than their teen counterparts, mainly because their teeth are less malleable with age. On average, adults take between a year and a half to three years to complete their orthodontic treatment. The more correction is required for the misalignment, the longer it would take. Conversely, the longer the treatment, the more time your teeth are allowed to move slowly into their desired position.

Adult patients tend to be more compliant with their treatment as compared with teenage and adolescent patients. Patient compliance – whether in terms of practicing oral hygiene routines or periodically replacing the removable appliance – is an important determinant for success rates.

In the case of Invisalign® , which is a popular treatment among adult patients, the removable appliance makes it easier for patient compliance and thus achieving more satisfactory outcomes. As with any dental treatment, adult orthodontics is not without its risks. If you are unsure about adult braces or want to find out which orthodontic brace suits your allignment needs better, make an appointment for a complimentary orthodontic consultation* with Face Value Dental.

At Face Value Dental, we offer a range of teeth straightening and orthodontic services – including Invisalign. If you’re interested to find out more, please contact us on (07 3221 0677 or send us a message for more information.

*Invisalign® may not be suitable for patients with more complex orthodontic issues and results vary from patient to patient. Terms and conditions apply, click here.

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