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Healthy Dentistry is the place where safe alternate methods are incorporated into conventional dentistry for the overall wellbeing of your dental health. We are your Holistic Dentists in Brisbane’s CBD. Book your appointment at Healthy Dentistry.

As research has shown, dental problems can have far reaching consequences for the entire body. Prevention is the core philosophy of holistic dentistry, which considers the harmonious relationship between your body and your mouth as the basis of overall health. Instead of using conventional methods to treat your dental problems, our holistic dentists delve deeper to identify the causes of the disease, taking adequate measures to prevent its spread to other parts of the body.

Our comprehensive approach to solving problems means that to properly assess a patient’s dental condition, we inspect not just teeth and gums but their relation to the jaw, neck, head or spine. We also promote dental methods that are deemed safer, using non-toxic restorative materials for all our treatments. In other words, we provide Holistic Dentistry that focuses on your overall health.

If you’re looking for Holistic Dentists in Brisbane that take an all-encompassing approach to looking after your dental health, you’ve come to the right place. To book an appointment with one of our holistic dentists, please call 1300 947 693.

How can you benefit from Holistic Dentistry?

We agree with research that shows how your dental health is connected to the state of your overall health. That’s why we stress the importance of keeping your whole body healthy as a means of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Below are some of the methods we use to achieve our goals.

Safe Amalgam Fillings Removal

Amalgam fillings used in the past contain roughly 50% mercury. We provide the safe removal and replacement of amalgam fillings to reduce your exposure to toxic mercury vapour. We use special tools to break up the amalgam to minimize vapour release, and a mercury air filter that also blocks bacteria and viruses from contaminating the air. Additionally, we use the Dental Hg FlexVac™ mobile air cleaning system to capture the toxic vapours during the procedure.

Low exposure x-ray and diagnostic tools

Our use of low-exposure digital x-ray technology emits 90% less radiation compared to traditional x-rays. To detect decay and cavities, we use the DIAGNOcam harmless infra-red light diagnostic instrument; and MOUTHcam intraoral camera for on-the-spot diagnosis.

Safer dental materials

Healthy Dentistry insists on only biocompatible, non-toxic dental materials that are mercury-free and help to reduce patient sensitivity. We use non-metal “white fillings” made from composite resins, porcelain, ceramics and glass-based agents. These materials do not interfere with the body’s functions in any way and are not harmful to the environment.

Natural methods used in treatment and prevention of gum disease

If left unchecked, gum disease can lead to severe tooth loss and other health problems. Medical research suggests a link between periodontal disease – a serious bacterial infection of the gums and jawbone – to heart attack, diabetes, premature birth, stroke and even underweight babies.

To guard against this chronic disease we provide patients a comprehensive preventative care programme, comprising regular dental assessments, professional cleans, nutritional diet and exercises. If you have or are at risk of gum disease, we will assess the severity of your condition and use natural techniques to beat the disease.

TMJ treatment/ TENS

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) syndrome refers to the multi-skeletal disorder that affects the jaw joints, facial muscles, facial nerves and surrounding tissues. This condition affects not only your mouth and jaws but also the posture and articulation of the whole body. Our holistic dentist, Dr Zabik, has developed a custom, non-surgical system to treat TMJ problems, incorporating EMG muscle scans and TENS machine.

The TENS provides an effective solution for the relaxation of specific nerves and muscles connected to our jaw functions. The machine uses adhesive electro pads placed over the jaw and facial muscles to induce small, painless stimulations for muscle lengthening, increased oxygen and blood flow.

Do you want a healthier and all-natural way to better dental care?

Our Holistic Dentists in Brisbane CBD can meet your needs using methods that are safer for you and the environment. To book an appointment with one of our holistic dentists, please call 1300 947 693.

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