Regular visits to the dentist can prevent tooth problems

Prevention Intervention

Regular visits to the dentist can prevent tooth problems and unnecessary costs. Face Value Dental is conveniently located in Brisbane's CBD.

We have all heard the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. The dental industry has a similar concept: Regular dental assessments will prevent oral diseases and consequently save you large amounts of money in the long term.

Although dentists encourage flossing and daily brushing to maintain optimum dental hygiene, these good habits alone are not enough to protect you from serious oral health problems. Many people mistakenly believe that regular dental assessments are merely a standard clean to keep your teeth and gums in shape. The reality is that they provide your dentist with an opportunity to prevent problems before they occur - or to detect problems as soon as possible if they are quickly becoming an issue.

A simple filling at the right time or identifying a cavity early could spare you from the pain and cost of a root canal or tooth extraction down the track. These more complicated dental procedures are known to be quite expensive, timely and can be easily avoided with a simple biannual dental assessment.

What really goes on during a dental assessment?

In a nutshell, a typical dental appointment involves a careful inspection of your mouth, teeth and gums. Your dentist will be looking for any signs of tooth decay and cavities, loose or broken teeth, damaged tooth fillings or gum disease. This is why regular dental assessments are a necessary part of preventative dental care, as well as flossing, brushing and a healthy diet.

The importance of a healthy mouth

Did you know that your oral health and dental hygiene plays an important role in your overall health? That’s why taking proper care of your mouth and maintaining oral hygiene will help keep your whole body in a healthy state.

If you suffer from gum disease and it goes undiagnosed due to irregular dental assessments, the bacteria generated in your mouth can actually spread infection around the rest of your body. Dental examinations even have the potential to spot non-dental health problems in advance. Osteoporosis, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes and oral cancer often bear symptoms that appear in the mouth. Who would have thought a simple dental assessment could identify such serious issues?

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