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Flexible Payment Plans

MiFund – Treat Now Pay Over Time

Dental treatment should be accessible to everyone. Face Value Dental offers flexible payment options provided by MiFund. MiFund payment plans enable you to receive the treatment you require today and pay over time via direct debit.

Contact us today and let us know which service you are interested in. We can let you know what your treatment cost will likely be and provide you with an indicative repayment quote using MiFund.

Which services are covered by MiFund?

We understand that cost can be a big factor when you’re looking at dental care. This may be especially true if you’re considering a larger or unexpected expense, like:

  • dental emergencies or treating sudden toothaches
  • expansive treatment plans for more complex dental problems
  • specialist treatments
  • services that aren’t covered by your private health insurance.

MiFund can be used for all dental procedures between $400 and $30,000.

Contact Face Value Dental or MiFund directly on 1300 700 118 for full terms and conditions.

Can I use MiFund if I have private health insurance?

Yes. Whether you’re paying for a gap left after claiming or you’re paying 100% for a service yourself, you can use MiFund to help manage the cost, depending on your eligibility.

MiLoan* – A low fixed interest rate for amounts up to $30,000

MiLoan offers customers a payment plan for treatment amounts between $400 and $30,000 for terms from 13, 24 or 36 months. There is no requirement to pay a deposit to your practice as we will finance the full treatment cost. Of course, if you only want to finance a portion of the treatment cost, you can pay the practice the difference and apply for a lower amount. A low fixed interest rate applies for the full term of the loan. The only fees you are charged are an establishment fee of between $45 and $150 (dependent on your loan amount and applicable term), which is added to your plan amount, and a $7.95 monthly account keeping fee whilst your account is active. There are no early repayment fees payable.

Contact Face Value Dental or MiFund directly on 1300 700 118 for all details of the plan.

Disclosure: Fees, charges, terms, conditions and lending criteria apply. Credit provided by MiFund Pty Ltd ACN 601 537 099 Australian Credit Licence 473895m

How do I apply for MiFund?

Once you know what your treatment cost is likely to be, you will be able to get a repayment quote from your practice. They will let you know how much your plan amount will be (including fees), repayment term and the amount of future direct debits. If you are comfortable with the repayment amount, the practice will then send to you an SMS link, so you can apply for a payment plan directly with MiFund. This link is unique to you. Your private information is only provided to MiFund, not your practice. The online application takes a few minutes to complete on your phone, computer or tablet. MiFund may require some additional information from you and will provide you with options for sending this to them.

About MiFund

MiFund is a leading provider of payment plans for patients across Australia. Founded in 2015, MiFund provides flexible payment plans to patients undergoing essential and non–essential medical procedures. Learn more about MiFund.

*Applications for a loan are subject to the lender’s usual credit assessment and responsible lending criteria. Credit provided by MiFund Pty Ltd. ACN 601 537 099 Australian Credit Licence No: 473895

†Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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At Face Value Dental we love making people smile. Which is why offer our patients the MiFund payment plan.

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