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Tooth Decay

What Are The Most Common Dental Problems For Adults?

most common dental problems found in adults

What are the most common dental problems for adults? It's not just kids who have to worry about cavities. Taking good care of your teeth is important at all stages of life, especially as age can increase your risk factor for many oral health problems. The good news is that you can attempt to red... Continue reading

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Alcohol vs. Dental Health

Excessive consumption of alcohol has many side effects. One of the more less known impacts of alcohol is its negative effects on a person’s oral health. Indeed, alcohol abuse can take a toll on the oral cavity and its workings, and in many cases, lead to dental ailments and diseases within the... Continue reading

Tags:  Healthy Diet,  Tooth Decay

A Guide to Protecting Your Baby's Teeth

looking after baby's teeth

When you have a baby you are generally bombarded with new information, many of which you had not even considered. One that often falls between the cracks is looking after your baby’s teeth. ... Continue reading

Tags:  Tooth Decay

Risks and prevention of tooth decay

Dental caries, or tooth decay, are a common problem for adults and kids alike. If left untreated, tooth decay can cause pain or discomfort, and may lead to more problematic issues like gum disease or tooth loss. Tooth decay occurs when plaque, a sticky acidic substance, builds up on your teeth and ... Continue reading

Tags:  Tooth Decay

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