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Oral Health Tips

Recipes That Are Great for Your Teeth – and They're Delicious!

Cheesy Spinach Bake

A balanced diet is important for your overall health, as well as for your teeth. If you or your children consume a lot of sugar in food and drink, this can cause plaque to build up on your teeth and increase your risk of developing dental diseases such as tooth decay.[1] Cutting down on sugar doesn... Continue reading

Tags:  Healthy Diet,  Oral Health Tips

Top 3 Jaw Dropping Facts about TMJ

elderly man holding side of head in pain

If your jaw is often painful, it locks or clicks when you open your mouth or you have frequent headaches, neckaches or earaches, you might have TMJ dysfunction (TMJD) [1]. Your TMJ (temporomandibular joints) are the two joints that connect your lower jaw to your upper jaw. If these joints are damag... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

4 Ways to Prevent Crooked Teeth in Children

young child holding silly face mask

Crooked teeth don't only affect a child's appearance. They can also affect their speech and make it harder for children to brush and floss, increasing their risk of oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease [1]i Genetics may have some influence on crooked teeth developing [2], so it&rsq... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Top Causes and Cures for Bad Breath

man breathing fire

Does your breath smell? Finding out what's causing your bad breath (halitosis) can be the key to making it go away. Mouthwash, chewing gum and breath mints are fine as a temporary fix, but if you want fresher breath for the long term, you need to treat the problem at its source. Here are four of th... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

How to encourage good oral hygiene habits in children

encouraging healthy dental habits in children

Good habits start young. By caring for kids’ oral health at an early age, you can help instil habits that can last a lifetime. Proper oral hygiene for children isn’t too different from adults’ oral hygiene – it involves brushing teeth at least twice a day, flossing daily, cu... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Recovering from your Christmas Treats: How to clean off your Sweet Tooth

xmas treats

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner. Even as we look forward to celebrating the season with family and friends, we should also keep in mind that this is the time of year when people tend to over indulge in sugary foods and drinks. Chocolates, desserts, sweetened drinks, cakes... Yes, the... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Top 3 Dental Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

dental gift

What do you get for the man or woman who has everything? If you're stuck for Christmas gift ideas, you could consider helping your loved ones get the smiles they're dreaming about by gifting dental treatments. These dental gifts are sure to make them smile! 1. Dental Veneers If you or someone yo... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Top 3 Dentist Approved Stocking Stuffers

christmas stocking stuffers

Most parents love to spoil their little ones with gifts and tasty treats over the festive season, so it's probably no surprise that the holiday season is the worst time of the year for children's teeth! As well as being more likely to knock out their teeth by spending more time outdoors, kids are a... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Why you Should Think Twice About your Dental Holiday!

dangers of a dental holiday

Many people regard dental holidays as a way to “kill two birds with one stone”. The popular consensus is that you get the dental procedure you need at a cheaper rate – compared to getting the treatment done in Australia – plus a “free” vacation on top of it. Yet w... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

5 Common Reasons for Sensitive Teeth


Do you wince when your teeth come into contact with hot or cold foods and beverages? If so, you may have sensitive teeth. There are many things that can cause tooth sensitivity. Let’s take a look at the some of the common causes of this dental malady and steps you can take to bring relief w... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

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