Resolve your bad breath to improve your oral health.

Are you self-conscious about your breath?

Bad breath can affect those nearest and dearest to us. It can place strain on relationships as well as being socially embarrassing.

The main culprit behind bad breath is bacteria! Our mouths contain millions and millions of bacteria, which can quite easily get out of control. Plaque, tartar, gum disease, tooth decay, dentures and your tongue are all places where bacteria can thrive. Breath Fresheners and mouthwash are only temporary camouflages to bad breath (usually keeping you fresh for just a few hours).

To resolve your bad breath, we recommend the following steps; " Determine the cause of your bad breath If your bad breath is caused by tartar, gum disease or tooth decay – these can only be remedied by a dentist. " Attend regular dental check-ups Regular scale and cleans will help keep your breath fresh. " Brush your tongue. Approximately 50% of oral bacteria can be eliminated through brushing your tongue daily with a soft toothbrush. "

If you wear dentures you will need to thoroughly clean them daily. Use a cleaning product specifically designed for dentures. " Breathe through your nose. People who breathe through their mouth are more likely to have bad breath, due to a dry mouth. If you are concerned about your own breath, contact us today and arrange a consultation.

We will be able to isolate and fix the cause of your bad breath, helping you recapture your confidence and dental health.

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