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MAC Credit

 At Face Value Dental, we provide our patients with the most accessible dental financing solution so that they can access required oral care with minimal or no up-front costs.

Face Value also offers medical and cosmetic credit through MAC Credit. To learn more about MAC Credit click here.

Stress-free credit whenever you need it!

Face Value Dental brings you an alternate payment solution to reduce your financial burden on your next treatment. Introducing MAC Credit. This flexible payment solution is ideal for those “gaps” that your insurance policy doesn’t cover or if you prefer the option to pay for your treatments over time.

Medical and Cosmetic (MAC) Credit has been providing hassle-free credit to an ever expanding patient clientele for the last 10 years. As a finance company dedicated to the medical and dental industry, MAC Credit has the industry-specific expertise to ease your burdens in meeting your healthcare and cosmetic dentistry payments.

Now you don’t have to delay any more treatments due to affordability issues. More than 2200 clinics all across Australia have benefitted from MAC Credit’s flexible payment plans, that are specially designed for the payment of all Medical, Dental and Cosmetic procedures.

To apply, just give MAC Credit a call. For online application, please click here.


MAC Credit is currently offering a new promotional interest rate:

Receive a full 1% off your variable interest rate when you sign up today!* Don’t miss it!

*This offer, valid for all approved applicants, ends 28th May 2015.

Sign up for MAC Credit today and start enjoying these benefits:

  • Fantastic payment plans for all types of treatments and procedures, including: Cosmetic, laser, plastic, dental, bariatric, hair restoration and infertility surgery.
  • You choose the Doctor/Clinic and MAC Credit will arrange a specific payment plan for you. It’s that simple.
  • No obligations or costs incurred when you apply for a payment plan.
  • No upfront fees are required.
  • Over-the-phone transfers available
  • Flexible payment plans for up to $70,000.
  • Flexible additional payment options
  • Stress-free application process – MAC Credit personnel will assist you every step of the way on your application process, even helping out to complete the necessary documentation.
  • Private and discreet processing of your details. Your privacy is important. MAC Credit ensures that all your personal information remains safe and is transmitted via a secured server.

Find a payment plan that suits your budget and contact us for a private and confidential discussion. Once you leave your contact information with MAC Credit, you will receive a response from one of the firm’s Account Managers within 3 hours (Monday – Friday, except holidays).

MAC Credit provides immediate funds for the following types of procedures:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dental/Orthodontic Treatments
  • Hair Restoration therapy
  • ENT Surgery
  • Bariatric/Lap Banding Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • IVF Programs
  • General Hospital & Medical Fees

With MAC Credit, you enjoy the flexibility to decide when to start a treatment or procedure, without having to be concerned about affordability issues. Once your application has been approved, you may immediately begin your treatment and choose a payment period that suits you the most. MAC Credit’s trained consultants will be more than happy to assist your application process so that it will be completely stress-free experience. Should you have any queries at all, one of the company’s Account Managers will be able to help over the phone.

Let us know when your application has been approved so we can immediately book you in for a treatment appointment! For more information on MAC Credit, please call MAC Credit. To make an online application, please click here.

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Members First Provider for:

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  • HCF

Face Value Dental is now QIP accredited. For more information about what this means for you, click here.