Many dentists today are taking a holistic approach to looking after the oral care needs of their patients. After all, research suggests a link between the state of our oral health and the health of our entire bodies. Besides looking after your nutrition, diet and exercise, you may also wish to take health supplements to boost the immune system of your body as a natural defence against both dental and medical ailments.

In this blog, we show you five types of health supplements that are highly recommended for healthier and stronger teeth:


All bones need calcium – including those that support your teeth. Calcium is an important mineral that is essential to the development of bones and teeth. Without enough calcium in your body, your jaw starts to weaken. Calcium deficiency can result in loosening of teeth, brittle teeth and eventual tooth loss. As the key component for building and keeping strong teeth, calcium should be consumed through the intake of milk, cheese or fatty fish like salmon or mackerel. Alternatively, you can boost your teeth’s structural integrity by taking calcium supplements, which is also known to enhance bodily functions in several other areas: regulate heartbeat; help muscle contract; form blood clots; help the nerves to function, etc.

Vitamin D

Our bodies require vitamin D to absorb calcium. Without vitamin D, you can have high amounts of calcium but still lack the ability to control the amount of calcium that is absorbed in your body. This is also why people with low vitamin D are also more prone to periodontal disease. Insufficient vitamin D leads to inadequate mineralising of the bone that forms in the jaw, hence weakening the anchoring of the teeth into bone. Over time, this can lead to erosion of gums and tooth loss.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help to strengthen our immune system. A healthy immune system complements healthy tooth structure and aids in the maintenance of strong, healthy gums. Vitamin C is also known to prevent adult onset of periodontitis.

Foods rich in vitamin C include: Citrus fruits (lemons, strawberries, oranges, raspberries, and mangoes); and vegetables (potatoes, brussel sprouts, cabbage broccoli, tomatoes).

Omega-3 fatty acids

One of the biggest threats to healthy teeth is gum disease, which refers to inflammation of the gums. As such, foods that reduce inflammation also act as effective deterrence against gum disease. Omega-3 fatty acids – commonly found in fish oil and flaxseed – are some of most potent anti-inflammatory nutrients available in the marketplace.


As a great alternative therapy for maintaining oral health, probiotics are used to reduce tooth decay and gum disease. Probiotics are the so-called “good bacteria” that help to maintain a good digestive system. Intake of probiotics supplement also helps to maintain a stable balance of “good” bacteria flora while suppressing the odour-producing bacteria in the oral cavity. Probiotics are also used to prevent gum inflammation and plague formation caused by microbial growth, while boosting the natural immunity against dental ailments.

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