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Breathing – Are You Doing It Right?

Breathing is about the most natural thing we do. Because we do it so automatically, most of us do not realise that there is actually a recommended way to breathe – through the nose, with the mouth closed. Mouth breathing may seem perfectly natural but if done habitually, can lead to many healt... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Top Three Causes Of Gum Bleeding

Did you notice that your gums were bleeding the last time you brushed or flossed your teeth? While most people may consider it a normal occurrence, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, bleeding gums usually means that your teeth are not in the peak of health or it can also be a sign of some... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Three Simple Ways to Increase Your Physical Activity

Working office jobs promote a sedentary lifestyle and if you’re not careful it can lead to harmful health effects stemming from a lack of physical activity. Many people also find squeezing in physical activity into a busy work, home and social lifestyle to be challenging. Don’t worry! He... Continue reading

Tags:  Physical Activity

Alcohol vs. Dental Health

Excessive consumption of alcohol has many side effects. One of the more less known impacts of alcohol is its negative effects on a person’s oral health. Indeed, alcohol abuse can take a toll on the oral cavity and its workings, and in many cases, lead to dental ailments and diseases within the... Continue reading

Tags:  Healthy Diet,  Tooth Decay

All Things Sugar – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sweet, addictive and energy fuelling – we all crave sugar at some point of the week. It’s hard to avoid sugar all together but here’s which ones to pick when you want to cave in for a sweet treat. The Good Stevia: Although it’s not classified as a ‘real’ sugar... Continue reading

Tags:  Healthy Diet

Can Adults Wear Braces Too?

As an adult, making a decision to wear braces can be rather intimidating. Braces are often associated with adolescents although adult braces are becoming more commonplace, with the advent of “invisible brace” technology from the likes of Invisalign® and Clear Correct. Whether it is... Continue reading

Tags:  Invisible Braces

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Am I a candidate for dental implants

A dental implant can be a good option if you want to replace a missing tooth, but are you a candidate for implants? If you have a missing tooth - or are soon to have one thanks to a planned extraction - it's important to consider getting a replacement. When a tooth is missing, it's not uncommon f... Continue reading

Tags:  Dental Implants

Diet and Teeth: Organic Foods vs. Conventional Foods

Whichever side of the food debate you lean towards, there is no denying the fact that there are more chemicals in food today than ever before. It is indeed well established fact that food manufacturers add chemicals to food such as MSG to enhance the taste and also use them in the processing of food... Continue reading

Tags:  Healthy Diet

Weak Teeth? 5 Best Supplements for Stronger, Healthier Teeth!

Many dentists today are taking a holistic approach to looking after the oral care needs of their patients. After all, research suggests a link between the state of our oral health and the health of our entire bodies. Besides looking after your nutrition, diet and exercise, you may also wish to take ... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Baby Teeth – Tips on Baby Tooth Care

The development and growth of teeth really begins in the mother's womb. Your child’s baby teeth usually start to develop on the fifth gestation week as their primary teeth begin budding in their jaws. The strength and growth of milk teeth depends on the health and diet of the mother during thi... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

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